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Mortgage Observer Weekly Q&A

“Our team’s experience in both lending and the legal field enable us to very quickly get our arms around a complicated transaction. Our ability to structure a deal, your deal, quickly can help it move to closing quicker than our competitors” —Jon Hornik, President/CEO Navesink River Capital

MOW: Why did you launch Navesink River Capital?

JH: I launched Navesink River Capital as a direct result of requests coming into my law firm for funding bridge and hard-money transactions. A large part of my law practice deals with private lenders across the country, having represented them for may years. It was a natural fit to launch Navesink River Capital with both our expertise and contacts within the lending world.

MOW: What is a typical deal Navesink River Capital worked on?

JH: Navesink River Capital will look at all types of real estate transactions. We have successfully closed transactions across the tri-state area and beyond. We are currently working on deals all across the Eastern United States with loan sizes ranging from $75,000 to $2,000,000.